Marketing and Fundraising

The Rise of Individual Giving

The cultural sector is increasingly relying on self-generated income, in particular private donations and partnerships. As donations from companies and foundations start following the same dwindling pattern as public funding, our hybrid financial models need even higher diversification. Can individual donors be the new key ingredient to a healthy mix?

Shopping Centre-based Science Experiences

To attract more visitors and to encourage spending, shopping centres are competing to make their venue more unique and engaging. Initiatives range from pop-up exhibitions and family-friendly activities to hosting large and small-scale events at their venues. This new trend presents science centres and museums with an opportunity: to work with shopping centres in order to promote science engagement.

Sustaining the Future of Science Museums

Cultural organizations are experiencing increased pressure to be more proactive when it comes to achieving economic sustainability. There has been a noticeable increase in the variation and sustainability of museum business models to tackle these issues, diversify income streams, and improve the organization’s prospects for future growth and financial sustainability.

Why Do Corporate Partners Want More from You?

Do you feel that your corporate partners, who were once happy to give you money in exchange for having their logo in your venue, now want so much more? Do they ask you to organize events and design programs featuring their products and content? Are they getting more curious about your exhibitions and suggesting co-creation?