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Al Nayzak introduces the Jerusalem Innovation Park (JIP)

19 Oct 2018

Al Nayzak Organization unveiled its flagship Innovation Park in East Jerusalem under the theme of "Building the Future". Jerusalem Innovation Park (JIP) is the first of its kind holistic complex for education, learning, science communication and culture, focusing on the Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Math (STEEM) at the heart of East Jerusalem. The project is being developed and will be built in partnership with the European Union and in cooperation with UNOPS, ISDB, and Consolidated Contractors Co. (CCC). 

JIP is conveniently located in Suwannah neighborhood of Jerusalem close to the historic Mt. Of Olives overlooking the old city. The complex, set to open its doors at the start of the school year 2021, will include educational facilities, a science Garden, an observatory, interactive scientific and exhibition center, a state of the art convention center, a Fablab and educational labs, and a sports playground. JIP promises to be a hub for technology and science education and innovation serving the entire community of East Jerusalem, especially children and youth.

"This project comes at a critical time for the city, given the dire need for such educational infrastructure of excellence in East Jerusalem and in Palestine as whole; it is time to invest in the city’s future for our children and youth", said Aref Husseini Founder and Chairman of Al Nayzak Organization. Husseini thanked The European Union, main partner of the project, and the project supporters including UNOPS, CCC, and ISDB, without whom this project could not be possible. He further expressed his gratitude to the French Consulate in Jerusalem, The French Cultural Institute, and Universcience Museum in Paris for their cooperation in bringing to Palestine the mobile educational exhibition “Electricity: What is behind the Socket?”.

''Education is both a fundamental human right in itself and an indispensable means of realizing other human rights. Education is crucial in equipping people with the right skills to find fulfilling work and become independent, engaged citizens. It is one of the key factors for development as well as for empowering people. Therefore, education is a key sector that we are determined to support,'' said Alessandra Viezzer, EU Head of Cooperation. ''In East Jerusalem, education plays a crucial role in safeguarding and preserving the Palestinian identity of the city. Projects implemented by Al-Nayzak and other EU partners help introduce new approaches for teaching science in East Jerusalem. They drive innovation, economic growth and development. This is in line with our goal of supporting the Palestinians' right to live in peace, security, and dignity in East Jerusalem. We continue our commitment to the two-state solution with Jerusalem as the future capital of both states,'' she added.

Al Nayzak celebrated the introduction of JIP with a multifaceted event which included a walk-in to the construction site, an inauguration ceremony with officials and partners, and interactive educational activities for children and youth at the Young Women Christian Association (YWCA). Aside from a scientific theater play, Al Nayzak inaugurated a scientific exhibition titled “Electricity: What is behind the socket” an original creation of Universcience in Paris, brought in partnership with The French Consulate General in Jerusalem and the French Cultural Institute. The Exhibition is the second, and largest in scale, Al-Nayzak is bringing to Palestine from Universcience in the framework of a partnership to bring innovative educational tools to the Palestinian audience. Its 16 exhibits help people from 7 to 100 years old understand better all aspects of the electric current in a fun manner.