Mr. AbdulAziz AlHegelan, New Member of NAMES Board of Directors

01 Mar 2017

We are delighted to announce the election of Mr. Abdulaziz AlHegelan, Executive Director of Mishkat Interactive Center, Saudi Arabia, to become Member of NAMES Board of Directors.

Ms. Maissa Azab, NAMES Executive Director

01 Mar 2017

Having served as NAMES Secretary since the Network’s inception in January 2006, Ms. Maissa Azab has been named NAMES Executive Director by NAMES Board of Directors effective 1 March 2017.

NAMES 10 Years Anniversary Report

20 Oct 2016

On the occasion of our 10 Years Anniversary, which was celebrated during the NAMES 5th Biennial Conference (NAMES 2016) in Amman, Jordan, NAMES produced and shared a comprehensive 10 Years Anniversary Report [2006-2016], to document and promote its achievements throughout its first decade of existence, celebrate all the milestones, and lay the groundwork for the next phase. We invite you to read the report, which is available in both English and Arabic.

NAMES Re-branding

01 Oct 2016

Ten years have passed since the establishment of NAMES, during which great strides have been taken towards reinforcing the Network’s position internationally, expanding its reach across the region, and establishing valuable collaborations.

The Euro-Mediterranean and Middle East (EMME) Summer School for Science Communication 2015 at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt

10 Sep 2015

On Saturday 5 September 2015, the second edition of EMME Summer School was launched at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA), welcoming about 20 eminent speakers in the field of informal science education and communication, and 17 professional participants from the North Africa and Middle East region, preparing to become future Science Center Leaders.

NAMES 10th Board of Directors Meeting

12 Jun 2015

On 12 June 2015, NAMES Board of Directors (BoD) convened during the Ecsite Annual Conference in Trento, Italy. NAMES newly elected President, Ms. Sawsan Dalaq, Director of the Children’s Museum Jordan, presented the strategic plan for her presidency to reinforce and further develop the network. The BoD also initiated discussion regarding the organization of the 5th General Assembly Meeting to be hosted in Amman by the Children’s Museum Jordan; NAMES 2016 would also mark the 10th anniversary of the network.

NAMES 2014 Conference

09 Nov 2014

NAMES 2014 Conference was hosted by "Bursa Science and Technology Center", from Friday to Sunday, 7-9 November 2014. The main theme of NAMES 2014 was "Innovation: Revisiting your Mind".

Ms. Sawsan Dalaq, NAMES New President

09 Oct 2014

During NAMES 4th General Assembly Meeting, NAMES Full Members elected a new President for the term 2014/16; Ms. Sawsan Dalaq—Director, The Children’s Museum, JORDAN

NAMES 4th General Assembly Meeting

06 Mar 2014

Bursa Science and Technology Center will be hosting NAMES Fourth General Assembly Meeting (NAMES 2014), which will take place in Turkey on 7-9 November 2014. The overarching theme of the conference will be "Innovations: Revisiting your Mind".

NAMES 8th Board of Directors Meeting

07 Jun 2013

On 7 June 2013, NAMES Board of Directors (BoD) convened during the Ecsite Annual Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. The BoD initiated discussing the organization of the 4th General Assembly Meeting upon the confirmation of Bursa Science Center, Turkey, as host. The BoD also discussed the upcoming 1st edition of the Euro-Mediterranean and Middle East Summer School for Science Communication (EMME 2013).