Long-Term Objectives

  • Identifying the current situation, means and venues of science communication throughout the region.
  • Promoting best practices, supporting effective communication, and encouraging excellence and innovation science learning.
  • Providing professional development for the science communication field un the region, collaborating to enhance the performance of those involved in the field, and making best use of all available resources within the region.
  • Spreading the message of informal education and strenghtening the position of science centers/museums within the community at large.
  • Emphasizing and popularizing the cultural and scientific heritage of the region.

Short-Term Objectives

  • Creation of common promotional and educational publications.
  • Collaboration in the fabrication of hands-on exhibits.
  • Creation of one or more traveling exhibitions.
  • Sharing in the production of planetarium shows and/or arabized versions of already existing shows.
  • Organizing and implementing collaborative training courses, seminars, and conferences.