Mijbil Almutawa Award 2018

During the opening ceremony of the NAMES 2018 Conference, the second winner of the Mijbil Almuatawa Award, Ms. Khulood AlKhoori—Educational Program Officer, Children's City, Dubai Minicipality, UAE—whose award was a full grant to participate in the Biennial Conference and one of its Pre-Conference Workshop, was presented to the attendees and awarded a certificate and a trophy commemorating her win.

The Mijbil Almutawa Award 2018 was funded by:

  • Al Nayzak Organization for Supportive Education and Scientific Innovation, Palestine
  • The Children's Museum Jordan
  • Mishkat Interactive Center for Atomic & Renewable Energy, KSA
  • The Planetarium Science Center, Egypt
  • The Scientific Center of Kuwait

About the Winner of the Mijbil Almutawa Award 2018

A graduate of Zayed University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Pedagogy section, during her educational career, she worked in several organizations tackling children and society issues. Upon finishing university, she joined the Children's City, Dubai Municipality; through her post and in coordination with all relevant authorities—such as the Ministry of Education, the Educational Organizations, and others—she prepares and sets plans and educational programs to develop children's abilities. Moreover, she participates in the preparation of the estimated budget and monitors the performance of the educational programs, as well as monitoring the results of the participants' happiness during the events and through the programs.

She aims to keep working on the development of the children's educational programs; additionally, she looks forward to the Children's City becoming the top museum in the world.

*The information corresponds to the time of the award.