Mijbil Almutawa Award 2019

During the Opening Ceremony of the EMME 2019 Summer School, the third winner of the Mijbil Almutawa Award, Mr. AbdulAziz Afifi—In Charge of Administrative Services and Events Management, Mishkat Interactive Center, KSA—whose award was a full grant to participate in the Summer School, was presented to the attendees and awarded a certificate and a commemorative trophy.

The Mijbil Almutawa Award 2019 was funded by:
• The Children's Museum Jordan
• Mishkat Interactive Center for Atomic & Renewable Energy, KSA
• The Scientific Center of Kuwait
• The Planetarium Science Center, Egypt

About the Winner of the Mijbil Almutawa Award 2019
Mr. AbdulAziz Afifi began his career as a volunteer at one of Riyadh's world-renowned schools; he had the determination and will to learn and benefit from his fellow volunteers. A friend later contacted him to volunteer at the Mishkat Interactive Center; during the interview, he listed the events he participated in, and talked about his goals and his desire to lead an events management team in the future. He was surprised to be invited to join Mishkat as a part-time employee; it is worth mentioning that he did this work next to his university studies.

After a period of work and good experience in the field, he submitted proposals regarding the mechanisms used; the team welcomed the proposals and ideas, which were added to the reception mechanisms at the Center. After a period of time, he became a full-time employee at the Center; he developed his work and became in charge of directing events and festivals, in addition to leading the men's team in school visits.

His future plan is to become a leader in the field of scientific exhibitions and the organization of relevant activities, to look for new ways to develop the establishment, and to achieve the highest levels of approval and appreciation in the comfort of all visitors and employees. He also aims to research suitable and impactful contents in various fields with the purpose of raising the level of knowledge among the public and raising the ceiling of the establishment in professionalism.

*The information corresponds to the time of the award.