• The applicant is required to fill out the online application form published on NAMES Website, noting that the applicant could be asked to provide additional information as per the request of the Board of Directors (BoD);
  • NAMES Secretariat Office (SO) notifies the applicant within 30 days of receiving the online application with the BoD’s decision;
  • Upon approval of the BoD, the applicant is required to print NAMES Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Internal Regulations (IR) available on the Network’s official website; two signed hard copies of the MoU and one initialized hard copy of the IR (without annexes) are to be sent to NAMES mailing address;
  • NAMES Executive Director signs the two MoU copies and one is sent back to the applicant;
  • Upon signing the MoU and initializing the IR, members are required to pay fees on an annual basis; the value changes according to the BoD’s decision and members are notified accordingly;
  • The membership is activated automatically upon receiving the full amount of the annual membership fees or semiannual membership fees in case the joining process is completed by the end of the second fiscal quarter.


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