Sustaining Members

Sustaining membership is open for any institution or organization inside or outside North Africa and the Middle East region that is involved in the promotion of scientific knowledge, shares or supports the overall mission of the Network, and demonstrates a strong interest in it.

Sustaining members can participate in the Network’s activities, but have neither the right of voting nor nomination for the Network’s BoD.

Sustaining membership is granted by consensus of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the BoD

* The hereunder members are listed alphabetically.
List of Sustaining Members


United States of America

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

United States of America

The Sustainability Pavilion is one of the signature pavilions in Expo 2020, which will live on to become a science center after the 6 months duration of the Expo event.

Within the Pavilion, we are taking a new approach to inspiring environmental awareness and action. Building upon emerging knowledge of environmental psychology, the center is pioneering a dramatic approach that inspires, shocks and reveals our impact upon the earth.