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Outstanding Science Communicators Awarded by Organizers of ADSF

21 Nov 2015

Abu Dhabi, 21 November 2015 – As the 2015 Abu Dhabi Science Festival (ADSF) draws to a close, the organizers of the festival, the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and the Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee (TDC), have held a special award ceremony today to recognize the remarkable work of the Science Communicators who were part of this year’s event. Over 700 Science Communicators were selected from Higher Education Institutions around the UAE to deliver fascinating exhibits, workshops and shows to visitors of ADSF; with those demonstrating outstanding performance throughout the festival awarded at the ceremony.

Abu Dhabi Science Festival Highlights 20 November 2015

20 Nov 2015

See science professors in action at ADSF 2015 as they conduct captivating science shows! Dr Andreas Korn-Mueller, AKA Magic Andy likes chemistry and nonsense and will conduct exciting science experiments using simple household chemicals in Magic Andy’s Crazy Chemistry Lab. Join Professor Sanzoun for the fast-paced and fun Super Science Show which is packed full of hands on experiments and presentations that bring science to life. In Use The Force, Dr Graham explores the science of energy, motion and pressure in a dramatic show using hovercrafts, teddy bear cannons, rockets and more.

Abu Dhabi Science Festival Highlights 19 November 2015

19 Nov 2015

Learn about physics and chemistry through mesmerising science shows at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival. In Tom Noddy’s Bubble Magic, join Tom Noddy AKA ‘the Bubble Guy’ as he shares the wonders of bubbles through a series of amazing bubble shapes and structures. The Kids Who Fell to Earth in Al Ain is an out of this world epic featuring a brother and sister from planet Jaahrgon – as they discover the science that holds the key to saving their threatened civilisation. The Best of Mr Y investigates chemistry and chemical reactions, while the properties of matter are discovered via visually extravagant experiments from The Children’s Museum - Jordan.

Abu Dhabi Science Festival Highlights 18 November 2015

18 Nov 2015

Explore the science behind top UAE entertainment attractions Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Yas Waterworld at ADSF 2015. In Coaster Lab, learn the basic physics behind rollercoasters; exploring G-Force and aerodynamics, and understand the possibilities and limitations regarding energy conservation. Filtration Systems will teach participants about the importance of science and technology in maintaining clean water while reducing consumption. This workshop will also help students better understand the use of electrolysis in water chemical treatment.

Zerohm Brings ‘an Introduction to Radiation’ to ADSF

17 Nov 2015

Abu Dhabi, 17 November 2015 – To teach UAE children about the limitless energy source of radiation, ADSF 2015 features the fascinating workshop ‘An Introduction to Radiation’ from local content provider ZerOhm. Radiation is all around us – all the time – and in this interactive workshop, participants gain a deeper appreciation of the subject while getting the opportunity to safely handle harmless sources of radiation.

Abu Dhabi Science Festival Highlights 17 November 2015

17 Nov 2015

A must for all Lego and football fans, Tawazun brings Lego Sports Stars to the Abu Dhabi Science Festival. In this interactive session children can build and program their own robot before testing out their skills in the Robot World Cup! From Dolphin Energy, participants can learn the techniques and tools scientists use to dig for bones and fossils in Dig Up a Dinosaur and then use their skills to brush away the sand and see what they find.

Abu Dhabi Science Festival Highlights 16 November 2015

16 Nov 2015

Whether your child dreams of being an engineer or an astronaut, the Abu Dhabi Science Festival (ADSF) offers a range of spectacular science activities to inspire the most inquisitive of young minds. Delve into the world of an engineer and journey into the heart of an oilrig in Oil Explorers by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) or blast off to the Space Station and discover the secrets of Mars in UAE Space Station, brought to you by the UAE Space Agency.

Abu Dhabi Science Festival Highlights

15 Nov 2015

Fuel up for science-filled fun at the 2015 Abu Dhabi Science Festival! Build and race a hydrogen fuel powered car in Hydrogen Car Pit stop from Handasa and learn about forces, motion, friction, engineering and aerodynamics as you build your own freight train in Rocket Rail, brought to ADSF by engineering provider Wonderstruck. Discover the limitless energy source that is all around us in an Introduction to Radiaton from ZerOhm and safely handle harmless sources of radioactivity in this hands-on workshop.

Abu Dhabi Science Festival Enhances Programme Offering with New Workshops from International Partners

15 Nov 2015

Abu Dhabi, 15 November 2015 – The Abu Dhabi Science Festival (ADSF), the largest celebration of science in the region, is set to entertain UAE families with an amazing variety of fun, scientific activities. Taking place from 12-22 November 2015, ADSF features engaging and educational experiences for children of all ages including fun workshops, interactive exhibits and spectacular shows. Attended by nearly half a million visitors since its inception, ADSF was founded to inspire the interest of the UAE’s youth in the world of science and technology and is now in its fifth edition.

Abu Dhabi Science Festival Highlights

14 Nov 2015

Encouraging healthy lifestyles among the children of the UAE, Health Authority Abu Dhabi in cooperation with Bidaya media hosts the Iftah Ya Simsim Healthy Show at ADSF 2015. Using muppets, this live edutainment show teaches children how to choose healthy eating options and helps them understand the importance of exercise and eating well among other useful tips. Delivered in a light-hearted, fun format, the show will feature Iftah Ya Simsim Muppets: No’man, Shams, Melsoon and Gargur as well as Sesame Street’s famous muppets: Elmo, Ernie, Bert and the Cookie Monster.