Processing Sign Language in the Brain

How our brain processes language has always been a rich field for research since it manifests how we learn, speak, and generally communicate.

Sign Language and Science: Challenges and Opportunities

Sometimes language turns out to be the barrier that hinders conveying the message; a struggle that many deaf students who have the potential to study science and pursue a career in it face.

Stretch Your Brain’s Muscles with Cognitive Flexibility!

We tend to unconsciously rely on implementing well-tested solutions to help us face any new problem. We struggle while switching between different approaches to make solving it possible; how we react remains the key either to moving on or feeling stuck and beaten.

Subtraction: Why Don’t We Consider this Better Option?!

While “addition” seems a more positive and soothing solution that might generate good results, it may prevent us from getting better ones by overlooking a superior option, “subtraction”, a new study shows.

The Power of Language Style and Information Source in Science Communication

Successfully delivering a message and conveying ideas are what we seek from any conversation, debate, or presentation. Easier said than done; many factors play a key role in determining the real outcomes of those situations.

World Science Day for Peace and Development 2020 - Science for and with Society

04 Nov 2020

To celebrate the 2020 World Science Day for Peace and Development, UNESCO will organize an online roundtable on the theme of “Science for and with Society in dealing with COVID-19” on 6 November.

“Meet the brightest minds on the planet”: Falling Walls x Berlin Science Week 2020, 1–10 November

25 Oct 2020

Let's celebrate and value the Science Breakthroughs of the Year! Falling Walls and Berlin Science Week invite you to this year’s World Science Summit, held remotely from 1–10 November 2020.

Science Center World Summit (SCWS 2020)

20 Jan 2020

Join colleagues from all over the world to examine the challenges and opportunities facing humankind in a planet that is shaped increasingly by rapid developments in science and technology. The pace of change is accelerating, leaving many people isolated and without a voice to express their opinions or to shape the society in which they live. This creates a world where inequality prevails.

Hands On! Conference 2019: 22-26 October, at the Young Museum Frankfurt

06 Feb 2019

The next edition of the Hands On! Conference will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, 22-26 October 2019. To create an extraordinary conference program, the organizational team wants your ideas and inputs. Speak, lead a world café table, or present your project and inspire your colleagues from all over the world.

Exhibition workshop for Science Centres, Science Museums and Natural History Museums

30 Jul 2018

In late October of this year, the China Science and Technology Museum Beijing and CIMUSET are offering the “Developing Relevant and Inspiring Science Exhibitions: From Idea to Opening Day” Training. It is a great opportunity to learn from international experts and exchange with colleagues from around the world.

Science Centre World Summit 2017 Report

21 Jun 2018

NAMES is please to share the Science Center World Summit (SCWS) 2017 Report prepared by the Host, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation - Miraikan. The Summit took place in Tokyo, 15-17 November 2017. The brief report touches on the structure, contents, statistics, and outputs of the SCWS 2017 in a simple and accessible way.

The Science Centers World Summit (SCWS 2017)

07 Nov 2017

The Science Center World Summit (SCWS 2017) took place 15-17 November, in Tokyo, Japan, where it was hosted by the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan). The Science Center World Summit, held every 3 years, is organized by science center networks to discuss global issues involving science center partners and experts from other fields.