Our Brains’ Unlimited Abilities Inspire Us with a Better Way for Learning

Learning is not an easy process; it has many entangled ways that have been tested and agreed upon that they could generate the best results. Although learning methods have been depending on certain abilities of the brain that scientists believe guarantee us a better understanding, new research has added another way that could be helpful and support new vocabulary learning.

Could Gut Bacteria Influence Brain Development?

Since the early development of the gut, brain, and immune system are closely interrelated and is referred to as the gut-immune-brain axis, researchers at the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna have now found possible targets for early treatment and novel intervention strategies for such damage outside the brain; it is the bacteria in the premature infants’ gut.

Could Climate Change Affect Animals’ Shape? It Seems So!

There are some phenomena and incidents that not only affect the surrounding environment, but their impact reaches even farther. Climate change is considered one of the most serious environmental dilemmas that have affected the shape of our lives as humans, and lately, new research has indicated that this effect has extended to the Animal Kingdom.

Add One More to Egypt's Significant Discoveries: Phiomicetus Anubis

In a scientific environment at Mansoura University, a team of passionate Egyptian scientists discovered a fossil of an unknown four-legged whale that lived 43 million years ago in Egypt's western desert in Fayum.

The Relation between Language and Cognitive Development Under the Microscope

In a groundbreaking study conducted at Northwestern University, researchers found that sign language, just like spoken language, supports infant cognitive development in hearing infants who had never been exposed to sign language. In their press release, researchers indicated that their finding expands the understanding of the powerful and inherent link between language and cognition-language in humans.

Musical and Linguistic Functions Closely Linked in the Developing Brain

Previous research investigated how musical and linguistic brain functions are closely linked. Its results have shown that both of them adjust auditory perception and highlighted how a music-related hobby boosts language skill affects the processing of speech in the brain.

Handwriting, Typing, or Video Watching: Which is Better in Literacy Learning?

As technological advances conquer our lives, many traditional practices retreat to the background regardless of their importance. Handwriting is an example of such practices that have been neglected and is being replaced by typing, at work and in schools. The issue has prompted a question about the real effect of handwriting on literacy and beyond.

Puppets Are Not Just for Fun!

Results of a new study that examined how using puppets as social partners alter the attention for autistic children showed that puppets can attract and hold autistic children’s attention, raising the potential for developing more engaging therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) children that could be implemented to strengthen social engagement and facilitate learning.

When Enough is Enough

Although the tendency to feed children information sounds alluring to some parents and educators, it turns out that it is not the right trigger for a child’s curiosity towards learning new things or subjects.

Why Do Children Learn Language Faster than Adults?

New research conducted by a team of researchers from Chicago and Carnegie Mellon Universities, USA, which has been published in the psychological science journal, has highlighted a key element in the process of learning a new language in children; the way people talk to them.

Safe Vaccines without Cutting Corners: The Process of a Very Quick Production of COVID-19 Vaccines

We will probably be shocked to know that the world record for the quickest vaccine is four years! So, what is the strategy or methods used throughout this process to accelerate the vaccine production?

The Delta Variant Finds its Way through the Crowd!

Ever since the new Coronavirus, the cause of the disease known as COVID-19, first appeared, the world has been experiencing new variants and multiple waves of the virus, leaving world scientists baffled as to what may come next.