Finding a Piece of a Lost Protoplanet Older than Earth!

A significant discovery has given us a chance to know more about the early stages of planet formation and the solar system's earliest days. A body that could be a baby planet that did not survive was found in the desert sands of Algeria.

Sharks Glowing in the Dark

When we go looking for Earth's greatest mysteries, we will probably find most, if not all of them, underwater! In a significant research, scientists discovered three shark species that actually glow in the dark.

Coronavirus Vaccine related Questions, Answered by Experts!

Since the first release of the COVID-19 vaccine, many questions have crossed people’s minds regarding it. In this article, we will be viewing some of the common questions associated with the vaccine, and their answers from the experts’ point of view.

Another Eruption of Mount Etna!

For more than two weeks, Europe's most active volcano and the continent’s largest, Mount Etna, kept belching ash, lava and smoke over the Sicilian countryside. Many of these eruptions usually occur at night, leaving citizens and scientists amazed and awed by its spectacular look.

After its Six Months Journey, Perseverance Rover Makes it to Mars!

After a 292.5 million-mile journey, the Perseverance Rover safely landed on Mars, flawlessly. This mission is one of the greatest achievements, not only for NASA or the USA, but globally as well.

Hope Probe’s Arrival to Mars!

News headlines all over the world have all been about the UAE’S Hope Probe that succeeded in reaching the Red Planet, Mars, on its first attempt.This mission was one of three that launched to Mars in July: NASA’s Perseverance Rover, China’s Tianwen-1 Mission, and the Hope Probe.

Finding the Missing Link towards an Ice Age on Earth!

In a new study, scientists investigate the missing link in the process that leads to an ice age on Earth. In their research, the group of scientists examined a rock archive that goes back to 1.6 million years, to find that melting icebergs in the Antarctic may have triggered some chain reactions that caused previous ice ages.

Delaying a Second Coronavirus Vaccine Dose: A Two-Edged Weapon

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread all over the world, people are rushing to take the vaccine, which only exists in limited numbers for the time being. The fact that the whole world needs the vaccine has led some countries to delay the second vaccine dose in order to give it to other people who are not yet vaccinated. There is no doubt that the intention is well, but is it the right thing to do?

A New Ray of Hope in Treating Brain Cancer

Brain cancer has always been a great challenge for scientists; however, the medical field does not stop working on creating new treatment methods, including photodynamic therapy and sonodynamic therapy.

4,400 Species at Risk as Wildfires Increase

Biodiversity is facing the threat of fire in many regions of the world; researchers concluded that over 4,400 species are at great risk due to wildfires.

Our Unknown Treasure: Tears!

We shed salty water drops from each eye every now and then, but have we ever really thought of their significance?