COVID-19 Resources

MODS: Weekly Challenges for School Students

The Museum of Discovery and Science (MODS) has engineered a weekly STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum for students of all grade levels. The MODS Challenge invites students, teachers, and parents to solve real-world problems through STEM and project-based learning.

NEMO: Explore the World Around You

NEMO science center offers a diversity of online material for active discovery from home; they are categorized under "Did You Know?", "Do It Yourself", and "Test Yourself".

Misinformation: a strategic approach

A key part of science centres and museums’ role has always been as communicators of science, a reliable source of scientific facts and reasoning. If our institutions want to tackle misinformation, what is now apparent is that providing access to science is not enough. To address the problems of misinformation, we must go beyond fact-checking and engage in real dialogue with our communities.

Online Programming by NAMES Members

NAMES members continue to serve and connect with their communities through various online platforms, fulfilling their mission of supporing informal science learning while encouraging audiences to stay safe.

Ecsite Online: Together, digitally

#EcsiteOnline is a new feature which brings together different tools and resources all through digital media to ensure you can continue to discuss and exchange ideas and network with colleagues.

VirolVlog: The video-blog about viruses (Arabic)

VirolVlog is the video-blog by Dr. Islam Hussein; virologist, drug discovery researcher, and science communication enthusiast

Universcience Online Offer

Check out the resources and online activities offered by Universcience.

2019 Novel Coronavirus: illustrated information about COVID-19

41 illustrated cards explaining the essential information the general public needs to know about the virus and the sickness, and how to deal with them.

Giant Screen Films Offers Free Streaming of Classic Films for Home-Learning

Giant Screen Films is making three of their films available for streaming at no cost until 15 June, as well as their accompanying educational guides (in English), which can also be downloaded at no cost.

Hands on! guides and resources for children-oriented museums

A list of resources recommended by Hands on! The International Association of Children in Museum to help children-oriented museums navigate this dynamic situation, by fulfilling their mission of providing children with educational and empowering content in an engaging way.