Finding Common Ground between Desginers and Museum Practitioners

The relationship between external design companies and museum practitioners can be a challenging one. Museum practitioners have to communicate their vision and knowledge about their audiences clearly and hope the designers respond sympathetically. During the design process, testing exhibits with visitors can be a bone of contention with some designers unwilling to compromise their creativity in response to visitor feedback.

Exploring the world of immersion

What is described as immersive experiences can take many forms: gigantic projections of paintings from old masters, virtual reality environments that give a glimpse into a digital world, large scale art installations set in a white cube space…. Increasingly, audiences seem to be seeking this new type of sensorial and powerful experiences. Yet we don’t know much about what visitors actually take away from immersion.

The future of technology in museums

As we enter a new decade of digital and data-driven experimentation what can we learn from work across the sector to date? Here experts from around the world share their reflections on the past and perspectives on the future of mobile and digital in museums and galleries.

Can't Touch This

Actions, as simple as pushing a button or more complicated such as tinkering, have required radical rethinking with the arrival of the new coronavirus. The wide variety of hands-on experiences on offer have meant a wide variety of COVID-secure responses was required by our sector.

My Precious

This series of interviews focuses on the daily relationship science center and museum professionals have with objects, exhibits, and other artefacts on display in our galleries. To visitors, they are what might make their visit so special; to us, they are what we work with, cherish, or get daily headaches about because of their complex maintenance or conservation.

The Future of Travelling Exhibitions

How can travelling exhibitions adapt for the future? For hiring venues, they attract greater numbers of visitors; they offer something new and exciting that they might be unable to produce themselves. For the lender, they promote their brand, increase audience reach, and develop an extra stream of sustainable income. Both parties benefit from the long-lasting relationships that are built.

Falling Under the Spell

Many science communication professionals want to explore unexpected forms of museum narratives and environments that can astonish and inspire visitors. In this article, artists introduce us to New Magic, an artistic movement founded in France in the 2000s whose productions and creative processes can be a real source of inspiration for museums.