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The Children's Mobile Museum 2016 3rd tour

20 Nov 2016

The Children’s Mobile Museum Jordan kicks off the 3rd tour in 2016 to visit the provinces of the north, carrying many of interactive exhibits, Educational activities, and a new discovery station: The energy around us; and which has been developed through the generous support of the European Union mission. The energy around us aims to increase children's awareness about the importance of renewable energy, and how to generate energy from natural resources such as water, wind and sun.

Mobile Museum 2016 third tour covers the following areas:

  • Ajloun: September 27th until October 4th
  • Jarash: October 10th until October 19th
  • Irbed (Al Mazar) October 23rd until November 1st
  • Irbed (Al Qasaba) November 6th until November 15th
  • Irbed (Liwa Al Kora) November 20th until November 29th
  • Irebed (Al aghwar Al Shamaliyeh) December 4th until December 13th