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Monastir Science Palace Science Festival

09 Mar 2017

The Monastir Science Palace (MSP) is organizing its fourth Science Festival under the slogan “A Gathering of Innovation, Creativity, and Communication”, on 8−9 April 2017.

The Science Festival is an annual event organized by the MSP in cooperation with several organizations such as the education administration, the youth and sports administration, the culture administration, the higher education and scientific research institutions, the sectorial centers of vocational training, industrial companies, associations, and, last but not least, national and international science organizations. 

The MSP aims to disseminate knowledge in order to keep larger segments of society up-to-date with the scientific and technological advancements, to encourage young people create and innovate, and to build bridges between  institutions concerned with science such as research laboratories affiliated to universities and research sectors. 

Accordingly, the Monastir Science Palace organizes its annual Science Festival, which particularly aims to:

  • Create a scientific, intellectual, and cultural dynamism within the society.
  • Encourage young people to research and innovate.
  • Highlight the importance of scientific activities in achieving sustainable development.
  • Create a useful and enjoyable visitor experience through interaction with different shows and programs.

The Festival program includes various forms of activities including:

  • Workshops covering various scientific fields.
  • Seminars 
  • Astronomy nights
  • Documentary exhibitions
  • Innovations, inventions and discoveries
  • Students innovations
  • Students graduation projects
  • Products fair
  • Several competitions and prizes, especially for children.

The Science Festival is an excellent opportunity for those who are passionate for scientific activities and also for professionals involved in science communication. 

To participate in the Science Festival, please visit our website The deadline to receive projects proposals is Sunday, 12 March  2017.