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Saharan Dinosaurs Exhibition in Tunis Science City

23 Feb 2012

Since the discovery of their fossils at the end of the 19th century, dinosaurs have sparked the imagination of people of all walks and have aroused everybody’s curiosity, whether old or young, scientific or profane. Who were they? How did they live and why did they suddenly disappear from Earth 65 million years ago? Probably there are no clear answers to these questions. There is still a veiled side hiding a mysterious part of their history despite the multiple efforts made by paleontologists all over the world. But what we are sure about is that these prehistoric creatures really existed and reigned on Earth during the Mesozoic, that’s to mean during 160 million years approximately. Thanks to the famous movie “Jurassic Park”, people got more familiar with these creatures, but some species remained in the dark side. For example, the Saharan Dinosaurs represent a species that lived in the vast African desert and raise today more and more the interest of scientists.

The Tunis Science City
dedicated a whole exhibition, from May 24th, 2011 to August 31, 2012, displayed within a scenery and funny scenography reconstituting the geological environment of that time, during the Mesozoic. This exhibition throws light on the wildlife of Saharan Dinosaurs, their anatomy and their diet. You will see the dinosaurs moving their heads, shaking their tales and roaring as if they were real.