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Planetarium Science Center of Alexandria Highlights

12 Nov 2010

" Biodiversity: Play and Learn " Exhibition

As part of the International Year of Biodiversity (IYB) 2010, announced by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the BA Planetarium Science Center (PSC) organizes "Biodiversity: Play and Learn" Exhibition from 9 to 24 November 2010.

People all over the world are working to safeguard this irreplaceable natural wealth and reduce biodiversity loss. This is vital for the current and future wellbeing of mankind. The Exhibition will offer visitors the opportunity to discover different aspects of biodiversity through fascinating interactive exhibits, hands-on activities and movies.

The Exhibition is open daily, except Fridays, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at the BACC East Exhibitions Hall. It will be closed during Al-Adha Feast (Greater Bairam).

Pyramids Building Techniques

The Planetarium Science Center organized an event entitled "Le Genie des Pyramides" (Pyramids Building Techniques) on Friday, 29 October 2010, presented by Pierre Crozat, the French architect, that aims to explain different theories of pyramids construction with different materials. The idea is based on building a model of a pyramid on an area of 3.5 m x 3.5m, using one of the theories that was used at the age of the pharaohs.

As well as, he introduced this workshop at many schools and science centers in France and it achieved great success.

Pierre Crozat is an architect who acquired his PhD in civil engineering. He is an international specialist consultant at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the European Commission for major civilization operational projects. Crozat begins his research in building pyramids in Egypt in 1990, his PhD "Pyramids Building techniques" deepend his search through using certain technique depend on linking all the theories that discussed pyramids building.