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Sixth Edition of the Science Festival at Monastir Science Palace

12 May 2019

Sixth Edition of the Science Festival
Where Innovation, Creation, and Communication Meet
12–14 April 2019, Monastir Science Palace

he Monastir Science Palace organized the 6th edition of the Science Festival 12–14 April 2019. The Festival aims to motivate children and youth in particular to innovate and keep abreast of modern science and technology. It also aims to promote scientific research in Tunisia by creating links between the different economic segments, universities, and educational institutions.

More than 100 national and international entities participated in this edition. There were many national and international exhibitions and scientific workshops, in addition to a significant presence of scientific research and university graduation projects, as well as a variety of industrial and startup exhibitions. These contributions have inspired a scientific movement throughout the year in universities and educational institutions. This was evident through the organization of many competitions in various scientific fields; such as: the National Robotics Competition, the Universities’ Scientific Clubs Competition, and the second edition of the National Competition of Students’ Creativity.

On the sideline of the Festival, the Monastir Science Palace organized a scientific exhibition entitled When Science Spoke in Arabic. The interactive exhibition features a set of scientific achievements and discoveries made by Arab and Muslim scholars in different fields; such as: observation, measurements, mathematics, experimentations, medicine, architecture, arts, and literature. The exhibition features illustrations, scientific experiments, and samples of historical tools from the Arab world, highlighting the important role of Arab and Muslim scholars in developing science.