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The Scientific Center of Kuwait Highlights

10 Aug 2008


Discovery Place


Discovery Place is a place that invites the visitors to discover science through play and fun. The exhibits at Discovery Place are distinct in their suitability for all ages. One may find young children, teenagers, and parents among the visitors.

Learning becomes a fun, fulfilling experience for the entire family, as practical scientific theories are demonstrated through entertaining and exciting games and exhibits that provide a unique hands-on learning experience. Discovery Place is staffed by a team of specialized Explainers from Kuwait.

The daily Puppet Show in the starship has become a favorite attraction for all Discovery Place visitors. The first of its kind in the Middle East, the computerized show aims to raise awareness to the importance of water conservation.


“The Dream of Flying…Can Now Be a Reality” at the Discovery Place in The Scientific Center Kuwait

The Scientific Center Kuwait proudly opened its first of many travelling exhibits entitled Flight! The exhibits includes 17 interactive stations in the space of 460 square meters, ranging from testing your piloting skills, to learning about present day aviation and air traffic. The exhibition has been produced by Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre with support from aviation experts, and in particular, Finnair and the Finnish Aviation Authority.

The Flight! exhibits might aptly be subtitled: “The First 100 Years of Aviation”. Inspired by the effortless gliding of gulls and the annual marathons of migratory birds, man has always dreamt of flight. From Leonardo’s drawings, through experiments with kites and gliders, came the breakthrough of the Wright Brothers to bring us to aviation as we see it today in the 21st century.

Test yourself at the Flight! Exhibits in Discovery Place to see if you have what it takes to be a pilot; including vision tests, co-ordination tests and more! The exhibit contains three main areas: Fly A: The Dream of Flying, Fly B: On the Wing-The Physics of Flying, and Fly C: Present Day and Air Traffic.

The exhibits will be at the Discovery Place until April 10, 2010, to be followed by the next set of travelling exhibits “A T-Rex Named Sue”.


IMAX 3D Films:


"Legends of Flight" is the latest 3D film to play at TSCK IMAX Theater. It highlights the design challenges, financial risks and the many lessons learned from a century of aviation trial and error, bringing us to the dawn of a new era of revolutionary aircrafts. This film will engage all who have an interest in flight, regardless of age or gender in some of the most breathtaking sequences ever seen on giant IMAX theater screens.

Theater-goers will be there for all the important milestones at the dawn of a new era in commercial aviation. They will see the first public flight of the massive, but super efficient Airbus A380 at the 2007 Paris Air Show and the first flight of the smaller, even more efficient 787, the first-ever carbon fiber airliner that made its maiden flight in 2009.

"Legends of Flight" will also give audiences an insider's view of how a modern aircraft is built, and make them privy to the manufacturing challenges and incredible financial risks companies assume when they embark on radical new designs.

In the end, this unique cinematic experience shows how the 787 might affect the next 100 years of aeronautical design.


The Scientific Center of Kuwait Premiers its latest IMAX 3D Films "Under the Sea”

“Under the Sea” is the latest 3D film to play at TSCK IMAX Theater. The film is by Award-winning documentary film maker Howard Hall and the production team behind IMAX® film favorites “Deep Sea 3D” and “Into the Deep 3D”. Filmed entirely with IMAX® 3D cameras for a vivid, immersive viewing experience unlike any other, this new film will transport audiences to some of the most exotic and isolated undersea locations on Earth, namely Southern Australia and the Great Barrier Reef, as well as Papua New Guinea and Indonesia in the famed Coral Triangle, for face-to-face encounters with some of the most mysterious and stunning creatures of the sea. A multitude of brilliantly colorful fish and sea life play out the daily dramas of their lives amidst vast coral formations that rise from the ocean floor.

Narrated by Jim Carrey, “Under the Sea 3D” offers an inspirational and entertaining way to explore the unique beauty of this rarely seen realm, and raises awareness of the impact that global climate change is having on the oceanic wilderness.

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