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NAMES Upcoming Online Activities


NAMES is delighted to announce for the launch of a series of online activities for NAMES Members:

  • SciComm Mixer Webinars where NAMES Members will be invited to prepare and present a slideshow about a certain type of SciComm work; the first Mixer will be about “SciComm Summer Activities” and it will tentatively take place on Tuesday, 6 September.
  • SciComm Break Meetups are a light and quick informal online activity where a certain skill/activity is discussed in a brief session while attendees are having their lunch/coffee break; the first Break Meetup will tentatively take place on Tuesday, 13 September.
  • My SciComm Hero Webinars where a NAMES family member interviews their own SciComm Hero: a person who influenced their work in the field and encouraged the communicating of science to nonscientists in the MENA region specifically; the first Interview Webinar will tentatively take place on Tuesday, 27 September.
  • Members Thematic Meetups are meetings to discuss a technical topic among staff members interested to learn more about it. It is more of a discussion between attendees to exchange thoughts and ideas that could also enhance collaboration between members. Attendees could also discuss a certain problem they are facing to benefit from the group in the session. The Next Meetup will tentatively take place on Tuesday, 11 October.

Stay Tuned for the Final Dates and details of our Upcoming Online Activities!