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The Advancement of Science Engagement through Challenging Times | Thursday, 30 November 2023, 1-2 pm Cairo Time

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Science engagement is the process of involving people in science, whether through education, outreach, or public participation. It is essential for a number of reasons, including to:

  • Help people understand the world around them and make informed decisions about their lives;
  • Address important societal challenges, such as climate change and environmental degradation;
  • Inspire the next generation of scientists and innovators;
  • Build trust between scientists and the public.

In recent years, there has been a growing movement to advance science engagement. This movement is driven by a number of factors, including the increasing complexity of scientific issues, the growing diversity of the public, and the rise of social media.

This webinar is aimed at engendering transformative conversations, discussions, and understandings of the challenges and opportunities for science communication and public engagement. This includes:

  • Addressing critical enablers such as transformative capacity-building for practitioners and researchers;
  • Inspiring the next generation of science communicators, especially within the Global South; and
  • Increasing scientific outreach on key issues such as climate change, mitigation, and adaptation, as well as emerging infectious diseases and public health communication.

In this webinar, we will hear from experts in the field about a variety of topics, including:

  • The importance of diversity and inclusion in science engagement;
  • The use of new technologies to engage the public with science;
  • The role of science communication in building trust with the public;
  • The challenges and opportunities for science engagement in our respective regions.

This webinar is the second collaboration between NAMES network and African GONG–the Pan-African Network for the Popularization of Science & Technology and Science Communication. It will be of interest to anyone who is passionate about science and wants to make a difference. It will provide you with knowledge and tools you need to advance science engagement in your community.

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Dr. Rejoyce Gavhi-Molefe
Senior Manager
The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences
(AIMS) House of Science

Prof. Nidhal Guessoum
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
The American University of Sharjah, UAE


Dr. Elizabeth Rasekoala
President – African Gong

Pecier Decierd
Mind Mover Captain
The Mind Museum in Manila, Philippines