The Tunis Science City and IYA 2009

01 Jan 2009

Within the framework of the celebration of the International Year of Astronomy 2009, the Tunis Science City has elaborated a rich program aiming at making the large public discover the beauty of the sky, and to disseminate the scientific culture among all age categories.

Earthquake Lessons

01 Dec 2008

Within the framework of the National Translation Year 2008 and according to the cultural Agenda of MASAD (Mediterranean Association for Science Advancement and Dissemination), the Tunis Science City published a booklet translated from Italian into Arabic entitled “Earthquake lessons” written by Roberto Luciani.

Tunis Science City: 2008 Report

01 Dec 2008

2008 Report is the title of the new issue of the Tunis Science City, it is a kind of summary about the main activities of the city during 2008.