Capacity Building

EMME 2019, 27-31 October: Save the Date!

31 Jan 2019

The 4th edition of the Euro-Mediterranean and Middle East Summer School for Science Communication, EMME 2019, will take place 27-31 October in the capital of Kuwait, where it will be hosted by The Scientific Center of Kuwait (TSCK), one of the first science centers that began operating in the Middle East almost 20 years ago.

NAMES 2018 Pre-Conference Masterclass: Activating Museums and Science Centers

22 Mar 2018

Participants of this masterclass learn how to develop plans, content, and understand existing and potentially new audiences, as well as techniques best suited for engaging them. The masterclass shares examples of best practices, present formats used by other centers—from large national institutions to small regional centers⁠—and advise on strategies suitable for individual centers. Participants are encouraged to think creatively through investigating different formats and developing a toolkit of best practice.

NAMES 2018 Pre-Conference Workshop: Designing the Interaction

22 Mar 2018

The workshop discusses how to design successful exhibitions that are attractive and meaningful to the intended audience; participants go through the process of designing exhibits, from identifying topics to prototyping. Specific areas covered include: the science and theory behind exhibit design, identifying subjects/topics and audience, forms of learning and how to incorporate them in the design, materials and mediums ti be used, linking the design to programs, the design process and types of exhibitions, defining the exhibit experience (ambience, simple vs. complex, etc.), prototyping, launching your exhibit, and post launch monitoring.

EMME Summer School 2017

17 Sep 2017

The 3rd edition of the Euro-Mediterranean and Middle East Summer School for Science Communication, EMME 2017, was hosted by Citta della Scienza in Naples, Italy, 10 15 September 2017. It was a HUGE SUCCESS! EMME 2017 attracted 30 participants from 11 countries; Cyprus (1), Egypt (2), Italy (5), Iran (4), Jordan (4),KSA (1), Kuwait (4), Libya (4), Palestine (2), Portugal (2), and Tunisia (1). As usual, the rich program, aiming to foster future leaders of science centers and museums, featured theoretical talks, followed by practical case studies and workshops, tackling the diverse aspects of managing science centers and museums. Daily topics covered Planning for Growth—Philosophy, Strategy, and Budgets; the People in Your Ecosystem—HR and Public Programs; Channeling Science Centers through Marketing, Communication, and Fundraising; Your Building and Exhibits—Management and Maintenance; Explainers, Volunteers, and Educational Programs.

EMME Summer School 2015

05 Sep 2015

On Saturday 5 September 2015, the second edition of EMME Summer School was launched at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA), welcoming about 20 eminent speakers in the field of informal science education and communication, and 17 professional participants from the North Africa and Middle East region, preparing to become future Science Center Leaders.

EMME Summer School 2013

22 Sep 2013

The first edition of the Euro-Mediterranean and Middle East Summer School for Science Communication, EMME 2013, was hosted by Parque de las Ciencias, Granada, Spain, from 22 to 27 September 2013. For five days, Parque de las Ciencias, became the capital of scientific communication and the center of the development of joint projects between museums and science centers in the Middle East and Europe. More than 50 experts from 14 countries have participated in EMME 2013.