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NAMES 2023

Forward Together (معًا إلى الأمام) is a call to gather as a community and discuss ways to maintain relevancy and deal with the challenges facing science engagement within our institutions, considering recent and ongoing global changes.

Our audiences’ needs, expectations, perspectives, and attitudes have evolved with emerging digital tools and solutions. The potential of these new tools has contributed to the rise of modern educational techniques across the world. Digital media is now an essential means of communication and digital production has become embedded in our organizational shape; joined by an in-gallery aesthetic where technology is ever more ambient, making digital visitor experiences the expected. Today, there is no longer a choice between ‘digital’ and ‘nondigital’; instead, the public anticipates a blend of both, an embodied augmentation of one with the other. Moreover, these new digital tools offer extensive opportunities for enhancing operations, interpreting content, engaging visitors, and collecting data. This influences our institutions to reorient their missions, goals, and especially their content.

NAMES 2023 will aim to seek answers to: How to design for science engagement? How have recent challenges impacted our sector? What changes have occurred in visitors’ needs, expectations, and experiences? How to benefit from data analyses in a significant way? How will trending topics such as Global Warming affect science engagement and our institutions? What will be the impact of big data and artificial intelligence on science engagement?

Together, we will pursue all these answers, in hope to understand what awaits our field in the coming years.

Call for Session Proposals OPEN

NAMES 2023 Call for Session Proposals is open from 1 December 2022 to 9 February 2023.

Session Proposal Guidelines

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