Full Membership

Full Membership Fees for the fiscal year 2022/2023: USD 1000

Full membership is opened to not-for-profit institutions and organizations inside the North Africa and the Middle East region that are involved in science engagement on permanent basis. Said institution or organization needs to be established and operating, with an ongoing activity that serves the purpose of science engagement to the general public, directly or indirectly.

For-profit science engagement establishments inside the North Africa and the Middle East region may apply for Full Membership; subject to the BoD's assessment and approval.

  • Each full member institution has one vote in the General Assembly Meeting (GAM).
  • Full member institutions are the only members with the right to nominate a CEO or Managing Director to NAMES Board and/or Presidency (according to the nomination and election regulations stated in the IR).
  • Full membership applicants must fill out and submit the online application form posted on NAMES website.
  • Full membership is granted by consensus of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the BoD to the institution or organization as a whole and not individuals.

* The hereunder members are listed alphabetically.
Active Members