Biennial Conferences

NAMES Biennial Conferences are a great platform to foster exchange and cooperation between science communicators in general, science centers and museums staff in particular, from all over the world, with the aim of benefiting from collective experiences. Networking and collaboration are necessary to enhance the outcomes of this dynamic and ever-changing field , which in turn is necessary for the popularization of science and technology.

Contribution/Participation in NAMES Biennial Conferences is not by any means limited to NAMES Members or interested participants from the North Africa and Middle East region, but is open for the following candidates from all over the world:

  • CEOs and Leaders of Existing Science and Discovery Centers;
  • Leaders of Emerging Science and Discovery Centers;
  • Decision Makers, and Creative Thinkers;
  • Program Developers, Exhibits’ Designers, Curators, Monitoring and Evaluation Officers, Fundraising and Development Staff and other professionals in the field;
  • Free-lance Experts and Consultants in the field;
  • Researchers, Scientists; and,
  • International Science and Discovery Centers.

*For Hosting NAMES Biennial Conference & General Assembly Meeting, please refer back to the Hosting Guidelines & Procedures.


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