'Women in STEM: Pushing Through Boundaries'

Every journey has its unique good, bad, and hard times; the journeys of female scientists in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) are always a source of inspiration. Even though some of these journeys may intersect at some points, each one remains special with its challenges and outcomes.

'The Role of Feedback and Goal-Setting on Performing Tasks'

Setting goals is such an important factor in tasks accomplishment and getting work done; yet, is it the sole factor in performing tasks? Or is there another important factor that keeps the performer more engaged and focused on the task and increases the attention span—the amount of time an individual spends concentrating on a task before becoming distracted?

'Different Stages of Development; Different Educational Needs'

Age is not just a number! Each day of development means a new stage with specific needs on the intellectual, emotional, and physical scales. Besides a healthy environment and the necessary care for healthy growth, children need specific responses and treatment from caregivers and educators to help them learn and stimulate their brains in a good way.

'Why Do Dyslexic Children Struggle with Reading?'

New research has shed light on which brain processes are affected by dyslexia beyond just reading ability; it has found how visual processing speed is reduced in children with dyslexia.