'Stretch Your Brain’s Muscles with Cognitive Flexibility!'

It is not a desirable feeling to be stuck in a situation while running out of all well-tested solutions and previously implemented ways. Yet, living in an ever-changing world that continues to surprise us with new conditions unfamiliar to our expectations, we constantly come face-to-face with brand new situations that require our immediate actions.

'The Science behind Atomic Habits'

If you consider yourself a “self-help” maniac, then you would probably have heard of Atomic Habits (2018) by James Clear. If not, and you would like to start 2024 afresh with ambitious new year’s resolutions, then you may need to check out this #1 New York Times bestseller, which has been translated into over 50 languages.

'Linking Science to Reality'

Humans are born with a natural affinity for exploration. As every scientific discovery begins with a question, studying science should arouse the curiosity of the students to ask questions. Thus, when children ask questions, this indicates that the process of communicating the scientific concept has been completed successfully and has aroused their curiosity to learn more.

'Creative Ways to Engage Students'

Teaching is so much more than a narrative process. It is the teacher-student discussion, critical thinking, student participation, and topic-related activities that will keep students engaged.

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