'Could Watching “Positive” Shark Videos Increase our Acceptance Towards Them?'

Needless to say, previous experience shapes future attitudes; when you ask someone who was previously attacked by a dog about their views on dogs, s/he would express worry and annoyance towards them, or maybe other pets as well. The same goes for other experiences, good or bad; the more distant and unreachable the object or animal is, the more danger perceived about them, as it becomes hard to get into contact with them to change our minds.

'STEAM; When A Makes the Difference!'

Intending to raise innovators, well-equipped with knowledge, and have a well-rounded educational background that would help them with the nature of future jobs, educators have been developing different methods to spark interest and passion in learners to learn more about different subjects, to be able to choose the pathway they want to pursue. That is because, even if they would like to pursue a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields, they will also need a baseline of different skills to adapt to their academic or professional careers.

'Bigger Temperature Change Causes Larger Extinction Events'

Extinction has always been a source of fear and amazement. While visiting a museum or watching a documentary about extinct species, wonder creeps into our minds and souls as we imagine how these huge creatures had ever lived on the Earth. This amazement exaggerates as we do not know exactly how this happened and what caused such events.

'How to Organize a Successful Science Outreach Event?'

While educational institutions that deliver formal and informal science education play a key role in science communication and enriching people interested in science with knowledge, this does not mean these institutions are the sole places where this could be done. In other words, science cannot be confined within four walls.