'The Relation between Language and Cognitive Development Under the Microscope'

There is a strong link between language and cognition that plays an important role in cognitive development that starts early in infancy. Although the spoken language seems to be leading in such a process for hearing infants, new research indicates that it is not the sole way, as sign language, a language presented in the visual form, could also serve the same role.

'Subtraction: Why Don’t We Consider this Better Option?!'

Every single day, we face situations, from simple to complicated, that require our immediate action. Being completely involved in the process, our brains tend to generate a typical way of dealing with these situations to avoid getting overwhelmed by too many ideas or solutions.

'Musical and Linguistic Functions Closely Linked in the Developing Brain'

Countless attempts of investigating the developing brain have led researchers to new findings that manifest how elastic and capable it is, which in many cases lead to deeper and promising research to reap better results during childhood and the years that follow.

'The Power of Language Style and Information Source in Science Communication'

Successfully delivering a message and conveying ideas are what we seek from any conversation, debate, or presentation. Easier said than done; many factors play a key role in determining the real outcomes of those situations, whether general or more specialized, like when it comes to science and health. It is not just picking persuasive words to convince the audience or using engaging methods.