'Processing Sign Language in the Brain'


How our brain processes language has always been a rich field for research since it manifests how we learn, speak, and generally communicate. 

'Could Climate Change Affect Animals’ Shape? It Seems So!'

There are some phenomena and incidents that not only affect the surrounding environment, but their impact reaches even farther. Climate change is considered one of the most serious environmental dilemmas that have affected the shape of our lives as humans, and lately, new research has indicated that this effect has extended to the Animal Kingdom.

'Sign Language and Science: Challenges and Opportunities'

Sometimes language turns out to be the barrier that hinders conveying the message; a struggle that many deaf students who have the potential to study science and pursue a career in it face.

'Add One More to Egypt's Significant Discoveries: Phiomicetus Anubis'

In a scientific environment at Mansoura University, a team of passionate Egyptian scientists discovered a fossil of an unknown four-legged whale that lived 43 million years ago in Egypt's western desert in Fayum.