'Mijbil Almutawa Award 2019'

During the Opening Ceremony of the EMME 2019 Summer School, the third winner of the Mijbil Almutawa Award, Mr. AbdulAziz Afifi—In Charge of Administrative Services and Events Management, Mishkat Interactive Center, KSA—whose award was a full grant to participate in the Summer School, was presented to the attendees and awarded a certificate and a commemorative trophy.

'EMME Summer School 2019'

Hosted by The Scientific Center of Kuwait (TSCK), 27-31 October, the 4th EMME edition featured 12 Speakers and 37 Participants from 8 countries. Experts from leading European and Middle-Eastern science engagement organizations with a long-standing practice offered future science center leadersnew, more cohesive Project-Based format where all sessions fed into a “take away plan of action” that combined all relevant  disciplines. Attendees will be able to apply the skills and tools learned to create and set up projects to help build and develop their home centers into a productive future.

  • 'Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think!'

    - 'Albert Einstein' -

  • 'Nothing in Science has any value to society if it is not communicated.'

    - 'Anne Roe' -

  • 'Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.'

    - 'Carl Sagan' -