'Musical and Linguistic Functions Closely Linked in the Developing Brain'

Previous research investigated how musical and linguistic brain functions are closely linked. Its results have shown that both of them adjust auditory perception and highlighted how a music-related hobby boosts language skill affects the processing of speech in the brain.

'Stretch Your Brain’s Muscles with Cognitive Flexibility!'

We tend to unconsciously rely on implementing well-tested solutions to help us face any new problem. We struggle while switching between different approaches to make solving it possible; how we react remains the key either to moving on or feeling stuck and beaten.

'Handwriting, Typing, or Video Watching: Which is Better in Literacy Learning?'

As technological advances conquer our lives, many traditional practices retreat to the background regardless of their importance. Handwriting is an example of such practices that have been neglected and is being replaced by typing, at work and in schools. The issue has prompted a question about the real effect of handwriting on literacy and beyond.